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A Day in the life of an Eyewear Addiction Specialist

Are you looking for a new way to feed your eyewear addiction? Well, we’re hiring, so come in and talk to one of our Eyewear Addiction Specialists about what they do!

What does an Eyewear Addiction Specialist do?

An Eyewear Addiction Specialist helps and consults customers on their glasses. Reading prescriptions, and picking glasses lens material accordingly is very important. If someone has a small prescription and picks a semi-rimless frame, if you pick the wrong material, the lenses will be too fragile for the type of frame. When a customer picks a frame, you make the order and send it off! When a customer’s eyewear order comes in they’re notified to pick up their new eyewear! When dispensing all eyewear they adjust the eyewear to fit customers properly, not too loose to where they fall off and not too tight to where they cause headaches. 

Customer Service

Here at Eyewear Junkie, we are committed to customer service, we want the best for you! Our customers. We want to help you meet all your eyewear needs, as well as feed your eyewear addiction whether that's in the form of sunglasses or prescription glasses! Eyewear Addiction Specialists are tasked with a difficult job, as many people hate looking for new glasses, and going through the process of ordering new glasses. It’s stressful to pick out something you have to wear all of the time, especially when it's a prescription. We have a lot of different styles, colors, materials, and more, the job of an Eyewear Addictions Specialist is to ask the customer the right questions to figure out what they want, even if they don’t know what they want.

Reading Prescriptions, and Glasses

Have you ever looked at your glasses prescription, and been kinda confused about what you’re looking at? After you’re hired the training begins, and we will teach you all you need to know to be an Eyewear Addiction Specialist. And during training, we encourage you to ask questions! Even as a customer if you want to know what your prescription means, feel free to ask, and we will explain it to you! There are three parts of a glasses prescription, The sphere, cylinder, and axis, the sphere is a positive (far-sighted) or negative (near-sighted) number depending on your prescription, the cylinder is always a negative number, and is the severeness of astigmatism (irregular curve of the eye), and the axis is the point in the eye where your astigmatism occurs. Astigmatism is very common, and many people who wear glasses have astigmatism. There is so much more to prescription, which is why we teach all of our new employees the ins and outs of glasses prescriptions. 

Product Knowledge

Knowing about all of the things we sell, and being able to apply that knowledge to a customer's particular situation is very important. There are a few different materials used for glasses lenses, the most common being polycarbonate, however if someone has a higher prescription, you would give them Hi-Index lenses, because it’s thinner than polycarbonate. The same goes for if the prescription is particularly small, you could use Trivex, which is a more durable, but thicker lens material. Having this knowledge, and applying it accordingly is a large part of this job. Knowing what frame you have in-store is also crucial, because sometimes people come in, and they know exactly what they want, and show you a photo, or describe it to you, chances are we have what they’re looking for, or the access to order it in!

Creating an easygoing, comfortable environment for the customer to come in, pick out, order, and pick up their new glasses is our specialty. Being a knowledgeable employee is part of that welcoming environment. Excellent customer service keeps you, our loyal customers coming back time and time again. 

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