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Addict Pricing, Subscribe and Save!

Are you looking for new ways to feed your eyewear addiction? Try the Eyewear Junkie subscription program! Different from our Eyewear Junkie membership, with the Eyewear Junkie subscription you get a 30% discount on every purchase from the day you sign up. The subscription program is set up to where you pay for your next pair in advance, so when the time comes all you have to do is come in and pick out new glasses

What is the Eyewear Junkie Subscription?

Come in and see one of our Eyewear Addiction Specialists to pick out some new glasses! When you’re picking out your awesome new frames, ask about the subscription program. You just pick out your frames, lens material, and add-ons as usual, and then we take your total, deduct 30%, and that is what you pay the day you sign up. Then we take that total, divide it by 12 (or however many months until you would like your next pair) and that is your monthly payment going towards your next pair of glasses! If you decide to buy before then, you can use that credit that has built up, or you just use the 30% off built into the subscription!

Let’s Get to Business

Let's get into the details of the Eyewear Junkie subscription, You come in and start your new eyewear order started, you pick out your frame, lens, and add-ons, and you sign up for the subscription program, and you get 30% off your purchase that day, and then we take that number and divide it by however many months until you would like to get a new pair, and that number is your monthly payment. For example, if you got a $99 Blue tag frame, with single vision polycarbonate lenses, and an anti-reflective coating, your total would come out to $197. Then since you’re signing up for the subscription program we would deduct 30%, bringing your total for that pair to $137.90. Then say you wanted your next pair in six months, we would divide $137.90 by six, and on the 15th of the month, for the next six months, your monthly payment would be $22.90. The payment would be totally automatic, so you don’t have to worry about it! After six months we will send you a text, or call you to let you know that you can come in and pick out a new pair of glasses!

Custom to Fit You!

The monthly payment is customizable for you, so if you want to spread it out over 12 months instead, we can do that. Or if you wanted to round your monthly payment up to an even $23, from the $22.90, we can do that too! If you decide to opt out of the subscription, you can at any time with no extra charge, however, your remaining balance cannot be refunded, but it can be used for in-store credit towards your next pair of glasses! The subscription discount is eligible for purchases in-store and online, so you can feed your addiction anywhere at any time! With the subscription, you get updates on all the eyewear junkie new releases, and exclusive information on all deals happening in-store and online. 

Keep in mind the Eyewear Junkie subscription is different from our membership. The membership is a once-a-year payment, and you get 20% off everything in the store, whether it's regular glasses, sunglasses, prescription, non-prescription, or even a new case. The subscription program is a monthly payment going towards your next stylish pair of glasses! Come in and talk to one of our Eyewear Addiction Specialists about the Eyewear Junkie subscription program today!

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