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*Attention* Kids Frames are here!

They're here! Our latest collection of new Eyewear Junkie frames is for the kids! It is our first collection of kids' frames and we’re so excited to see what all of our Eyewear Addicts think! Our kid's frames are unique and your kiddos are sure to love the fit! Most of the temples on them are super flexible and nonslip. They aren't made of super-hard plastic like many frames you see in larger chain stores, they're made of a flexible plastic that moves with its wearer.

Square Frames

First up we have Abbott, a rounded-square-shaped frame front with two tones temples. Abbott is one of our larger kid's frames so it will fit your kiddo while they're growing. It comes in two colors, Black with Blue Temples and a stunning Lilac with Pink Temples!

Anders could probably be considered a square or rectangle frame, with those flexible temples for a great fit! Anders comes in two colors, a bright Electric Blue and an earthy Olive Green with Neon Green on the inside of the temples. Anders a frame that will look great on many different face shapes!

Maverick is one of three of our kid's frames that have hard temples, this frame is for those kids who are a little bit older and won't as easily break their frames! The end of the temples has an extra piece to secure the glasses behind the ear so they won't fall off! Maverick comes in two colors, Black with Red temples and Crystal Pink with Pink temples!

Rectangular Frames

Landry is a rectangular frame with the most adorable details! Landry is similar to Anders but is a bit smaller. It comes in two colors Crystal Blue and a bright Red, on the temples Landry has a little teddy bear accent and a pawprint on the end, so cute!

Nova is a rectangular frame with those awesome flexible temples! Nova comes in two colors, Black with Electric Blue accents and Crystal Pink with Pink temples! 

Avi is the 2nd of three kids frames with rigid temples and that handy-dandy little earpiece for extra security. Avi is the largest of the rectangular frames, a better fit for an older kid. Coming in two colors, Black and Crystal Blue.

Round Frames

Bentlee is the first round frame for kids, with the gentle round frame front, and the flexible temples this frame will definitely be a hit! Bentlee comes in two colors, Baby Pink with White temples and Electric Blue.

Brecken is very similar to Bentlee but just a bit larger! Brecken comes in two colors, Black with Teal temples and White with Orange temples.

Kai is the last of our kid's frames with rigid temples and earpieces. Kai comes in four colors, Black, Lilac, Black with Blue temples, and Clear with Grey Temples. 

Oval Frames

Dayton is the last of our new kid's frames! With an Oval frame front and flexible temples, this frame is perfect for your hyperactive kids! Dayton comes in two colors, Black with Red temples and Bubblegum Pink.

Stop by one of our three locations and take a look at the new kid's collection! We have the perfect frame for your kiddo! If you have any questions our Eyewear Addiction Specialists can answer them so feel free to ask!

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