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Cleaning and Caring for Your Glasses

When you get a pair of glasses from us you also get our cleaning spray and cloth. Everybody’s glasses get dirty and to see through them you need to clean them properly with the supplies you’re provided with. Properly cleaning your glasses helps prevent scratches on your lenses, which means you can wear those lenses longer and see better through them. 

Cleaning Cloths

If you ever think about cleaning off your glasses with your t-shirt, don’t do it! We give you an Eyewear Junkie microfiber cloth to clean your glasses with. Microfiber cloths are the best cloths to use to clean your glasses because they don’t collect lint, and they work best to trap what is dirtying your glasses like dust, dirt, and oil. Think of your cleaning cloth as a dishcloth, for it to serve its purpose well it also needs to be cleaned regularly. If you don’t wash your cleaning cloth it could harm your glasses lenses just like your t-shirt does.

Cleaning Spray

When you get a new pair of glasses from us, we give you a cleaning spray to use, and when your lenses are in need of cleaning simply spray them with your cleaning spray and wipe them with your cleaning cloth. It’s as easy as that, your spray had alcohol in it which cuts through dust and oil and really cleans your lenses without smudges. Along with our standard Eyewear Junkie cleaning spray we also sell a product called iGel from Luxe Performance for $8. iGel is a gel eyeglass cleaner that even further reduces smudges, oils, and dirt. Please do not use your saliva to clean your glasses, we all know it’s gross and it left your lenses dirtier than they were to start. The best way to keep your lenses as clear, and undamaged as possible is to use your microfiber cloth in conjunction with your cleaning spray. 

Storing Glasses

We let you pick out from a selection of a few different cases which case you’d like when you get your new glasses with us. The hard case you pick out is the best and safe way to store your glasses no matter what circumstances you’re in. If you do lose your hard case we do sell new ones for $6. However, a protective soft sleeve will also work if you need to put your glasses in a bag without a lot of space. And if you have neither of those things place the lenses upon a stable table or countertop to prevent them from falling on the ground and getting damaged and scratched. 

If you ever run out of cleaning spray or lose your cloth or case stop on in to one of our three locations and we’d be happy to give you some more! Taking great care of your glasses furthers their longevity. Here at Eyewear Junkie, we want you to feel comfortable and stylish in your glasses, and keeping them properly cleaned is part of that.

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