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Create your own Custom Sunglasses at Eyewear Junkie

We sell prescription glasses, fashion glasses, and sunglasses for the whole nine yards. However, did you know that we also can make you a custom sunglass completely personalized to your preferences? We sure can! You just pick your frame, whether or not you want prescription lenses, your lens material, and then what lens add-ons you’d like, and voila your new favorite sunglasses!

Pick Your Frame

We have a lot of very affordable frames options, and we can put sunglass lenses in any of our frames. Whether it’s originally a prescription or sunglass frame we can create the perfect custom sunglass for you. Getting a frame from Eyewear Junkie will give you a warranty, and free lifetime adjustments. If you end up breaking your frame or bending it in a weird way, we will do our best to fix it for you! Custom sunglasses are just another way our Eyewear Addiction Specialists can help you feed your Eyewear Addiction. 

Prescription or Plano

Whether you want a prescription, or plano (non-prescription) we can do that! Sunglasses are very important to your eye health, so wearing them is crucial to help your eyes stay young. Sunglasses help prevent eye diseases caused by the harmful UV rays of the sun. Getting your sunglasses with your personal prescription is a great idea if you do have a glasses prescription, and it’s not as difficult as it may appear!

Lens Materials

The most common lens material is polycarbonate, it works for a lot of prescriptions with exceptions. If you have a particularly small prescription there is a material called Trivex, which is a bit thicker and more durable than polycarbonate. Now if you have quite a high prescription we also offer a lens material called Hi-Index that is thinner, so the lenses don’t stick out of the frame as much. Although it seems overwhelming, when you stop into one of our three locations our Eyewear Addiction specialist will look at your prescription and help you decide on the right material for you.

Tints, Mirrors, and Polarization 

Now the fun begins! This is where you pick out what you want your lenses to look like. We offer polarization, and that makes the base color of the lens either grey or brown (don’t worry you get to choose which). There are also different tints you can choose from to make more fun colored sunglasses or fashion glasses! We have a bunch of different colors of tints to choose from, so you’ll definitely find the best one for you! And finally, you can add a mirror on top of either your polarization. We have a few different colored mirrors you can choose from. Mirrors will make the front of your sunglasses very reflective, and less opaque.

Now we know all of these options can be a bit overwhelming, and that’s why our experienced Eyewear Addiction Specialists are here to help you! Ordering custom sunglasses is really a simple and easy process, and once ordered they will take about seven to ten business days to come in. Once your new favorite sunglasses come in we will send you a text to come to pick them up! When you stop by for pickup your Eyewear Addiction Specialist will adjust your glasses to fit you perfectly and provide you with a case, cloth, and lens cleaner. So stop by one of our locations to get your custom sunglass order started!

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