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Do I really need multiple pairs of glasses?

You may wonder to yourself, “do I really need two pairs of glasses?” The answer is always yes, and there are a few reasons why! As well as having a backup pair just in case you misplace one, different pairs of glasses serve different functions along with correcting your prescription.

General Use

Of course, you need your everyday pair of glasses with vision correction, a pair that can go with anything! Your signature look! If for you that means a subtle classic black, brown, or tortoiseshell frame, or if it means something bright, and modern! Every glasses wearer needs their go-to pair of glasses that they just never want to get rid of! 

Computer Glasses

We all know by now about the harmful blue light coming from our computers, and how it can negatively affect our eye health. Well, that’s why we offer blue light protection for any pair of glasses you purchase from us. However, some people don’t like having that blue light filter on their everyday glasses, we totally get it! So having another pair of glasses that you keep at work, or with your school computer might be the right choice for you! 

Sunglasses for UV protection

We have talked before about how you can make custom sunglasses out of almost any frame we sell here at Eyewear Junkie! Having a pair of prescription sunglasses is almost more important than having a regular pair of glasses. The harmful UV rays coming from the sun have the most damaging effect on your eyes. So, having a pair of prescription sunglasses, and wearing them can be one of the best things you can do regarding your eye health in the long run. 

Activity & Fashion 

Then of course there’s the category of eyewear that is more fashion than function. Some people who need glasses like to have a more fancy, or dressed-up pair of glasses for things like parties, formal events, and job interviews! We don’t judge, if you come in looking for the perfect pair of glasses to wear for your wedding, then we’ll do our best to find you the perfect pair to make your special day that much better. If you need a more serious pair for that upcoming job interview that will skyrocket you into the career of your dreams, we can find you the perfect pair for that as well! 

Glasses have so many more functions than just vision correction, the possibilities are endless! Come on to one of our three store locations, and ask an Eyewear Addictions Specialist about multiple pairs of glasses today!

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