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Eyewear Measurements and their Importance

When you buy a pair of glasses from us we want to make sure they’re the best, most comfortable glasses you’ve ever worn! That’s why our trained Eyewear Addiction Specialists know what to do to make your glasses fit best for you! Getting your first pair of prescription glasses can be scary, even just getting a new pair of glasses with an updated prescription can be a bit daunting. However, we’re here to come to your rescue! Let’s go through a few of the components that make sure your glasses feel right when you’re wearing them! 

Single Vision Lens Measurements

For eyewear with a single vision prescription, with just a singular prescription all throughout the lens, the two most important measurements are the Ocular Center (OC) and Pupillary Distance (PD). The Ocular Center is the distance from the bottom of the glasses lens to the center of your pupil. Your Pupillary Distance is how far apart your pupils are, center to center. Where your PD and OC meet is where the apex of your glasses prescription will sit. This is where you’ll get the best vision correction from your prescription. 

Progressive Lens Measurements

Instead of an ocular center, progressive lenses have a fitting height or height at which the lens begins to progress into the reading prescription. Progressive lenses are much more complex than just single vision lenses. At the top of a progressive lens is your distance prescription, and then going down the reading channel of the lens it progresses into your reading prescription. The top distance prescription is what you would find in a single vision lens however, beginning at the fitting height the lens progresses into your intermediate or arms-length vision, and then you're near through the reading channel. Pupillary Distance (PD) is still huge when it comes to progressive lenses because we have to make sure that your eye will line up the reading channel so you can see properly through the whole lens. 

The OptiKam

At this point you must be wondering, how in the world do we take these measurements? Well, we train all of our Eyewear Addiction specialists to use a device called the OptiKam. It is a software we use to take a photo of you, the customer wearing the glasses we will be putting your prescription into. The software automatically generates measurements like suggested OC, PD, and even Seg Height. We don’t use those measurements as the end all be all though, your Eyewear Addiction Specialist will take those suggested measurements and use them as a guide to make sure we get your lenses fitting correctly to your eyes! 

If you’ve been wearing your glasses for a few days, and they just don’t feel right then don’t hesitate to bring them to any of our locations! One of our Eyewear Addiction Specialists will go through every step to correct whatever vision problem you seem to be having! We want all of our customers to feel amazing in their eyewear, so stop by and get your fix! 

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