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Feed your Sunglasses Addiction at Eyewear Junkie

We all know you can get trendy, affordable sunglasses at Eyewear Junkie, but did you know we also do prescriptions for almost all of our sunglasses? With sunglass frames starting at $59 anyone can get their corrective prescription in a sunglass that protects their eyes from harmful UV Rays!

The Importance of Sunglasses

Sunglasses are very important for your eye health, they block dirt and debris from getting into your eyes, along with protecting your eyes from sunburn, and other harmful effects of the sun. Things like ultraviolet rays, or UV light, are very harmful to your eyes and can cause serious damage to your eye health over time. Even when it isn’t sunny outside you should watch out for those UV rays by wearing your sunglasses. When it is overcast, 90% of UV rays can get through the clouds. Just like you protect your skin with sunscreen when you go outside, you also need protection for your eyes and that's what sunglasses are for! When you’re protecting your eyes with sunglasses, you should also consider making sure you can see, by putting your prescription in those sunglasses. Some even say that prescription sunglasses are even more important to your eye health than regular prescription glasses!

Polarized vs. Not Polarized

According to many eyewear professionals, the best way to protect your eyes and improve your vision when out in the sun is to opt for polarized lenses. Polarized lenses cut out a lot of glare that regular sunglasses just don’t. Trust us, once you wear polarized sunglasses, you’ll never go back! Polarized lenses are great for activities like driving, fishing, and sports. Getting prescription sunglasses with polarization is a match made in heaven! Do you play sports outside? You may want to consider getting prescription sunglasses, it might improve your skill level because now you can see comfortably. Here at Eyewear Junkie getting polarized lenses is a simple add-on. For polarized sunglasses, it would be your frame cost, plus your lens cost, plus the cost of tint and polarization. Stop by and see one of our Eyewear Addiction Specialists and pick out a pair of sunglasses today!

Sun Clips

Have you tried a sun clip? Or transition lenses? Were they just not quite the right fit for you? In that case, no problem! At Eyewear Junkie we want to feed your eyewear addition, by providing the best eyewear for you, even if that involves some trial and error. That's what we’re here for! Prescription sunglasses are a good backup to have even if you’re a contact wearer who normally wears regular sunglasses. It’s great to still have that UV protection, and prescription help when you can’t wear your regular sunglasses. Trying prescription sunglasses sounds expensive and intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be, we have all your options laid out for you easily in the store, and an experienced Eyewear Addiction Specialist to help you, and answer your question every step of the way. 

Make it Prescription

You can get prescription lenses to put in almost all of our sunglass frames, including our new metal aviator and round styles! You can also put a prescription sunglass lens into just about all of our frames, sunglass or not! If you find a prescription glasses frame that you just absolutely love, we can put a prescription sunglass lens into it to create your perfect prescription sunglasses! If you wear prescription glasses, and you don't have prescription sunglasses, you need them! It makes sure you have that regular corrective prescription, while also protecting your eyes from further harm. Asking one of our Eyewear Addiction Specialists about prescription sunglasses is a great start, they have a lot of knowledge to help find the best thing for you!


We carry a sunglass brand called Maho, and they make trendy, quality sunglasses at an affordable price! If you’re looking for a smaller, circular frame to block that harmful sunlight tries the Maho Stockholm, this classic style of sunglass comes in two different colors, a classic tortoise, and a sheer blue. However, if you’re looking for something a little more unique, try the Maho Adriatic, a geometric take on the classic aviator, coming in three different frame/lens color combinations, you’re sure to find the right color for you! Feel free to take a look at our website, although we have more in store right now, we’re always adding new products online!

At Eyewear Junkie we’re committed to finding the best eyewear for our customers, at an affordable price, and that’s what we’re doing. We offer three different things to make you the perfect sunglasses. You can add polarization, any tint of your choice, and a big selection of different mirror colors available. You can add these to any prescription lens, whether it's single vision, a bifocal, or progressive. We can create the best sunglasses for you! Feel free to stop into one of our three locations and see one of our Eyewear Addiction Specialists, so we can get the best, prescription sunglasses for you!

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