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Get Your Transitions Lenses Eyewear Junkie

Have you ever heard of Transitions lenses? Transitions light intelligent lenses change from a clear lens to a tinted lens depending on the environment of the light you’re in. For example, they would be clear inside, and then once you go outside, they would transition into a darker tint. Many people tend to be hesitant to try transitions because they seem like a luxury, the cost of our Transition lenses starts at just $99.

Using Transitions to Protect Your Eyes

Most, if not all glasses wearers are sensitive to light, Transitions Light Intelligent Lenses can help with that. Now more than ever we are exposed to many different forms of light, and making sure we protect our eyes from those types that are harmful is very important to overall, long-term eye health. With all of the technology in Transitions lenses, they help with many things, including reducing glare, eye fatigue, and eye strain, which can make wearing glasses all day, a much more comfortable experience. Transitions have the products to help with that, while also being convenient, and stylish. Come in and talk to one of our Eyewear Addiction Specialists about what kind of transitions would work best for you!

Different Types of Transitions

There are five different types of transitions that you can choose from. The first is Transitions Signature Gen 8, if you've had transitions before, and didn’t like how long it took for them to transition back to clear then the Gen 8 is for you. These lenses are fully clear indoors, darken outdoors in seconds, and return to clear faster than ever before. According to Transitions 7 out of 10 Transitions, wearers prefer Gen 8 over any others they've had before. The next type of Transitions lenses are the Style Colors, the same transitions everybody loves, but in four fun colors, Emerald, Sapphire, Amethyst, and Amber. Express your style in any one of these colors in any frame we offer! If you’re looking for something to transition in the car, then the Transitions XTRActive, these lenses are extra dark outdoors, they offer ultimate protection from the sun, and harsh indoor light, and best of all they activate in the car. If you’re wanting to make a statement, Transitions offers Style Mirrors coming in six different colors, silver, blue, gold, green, pink, and red these offer you protection from harmful blue light, with the stylish light intelligent mirrors. The last type of Transitions lens is the Transitions Vantage, which is best for glare reduction outdoors, it is the only Transitions lens that polarizes as it darkens outdoors. 

Find Out What Transitions do for You

All Transitions Lenses are light intelligent, adapting between indoor and outdoor light conditions. They are great lenses for everyday wear as all Transitions Lenses come with a blue filter that protects against 100% of UV Rays outdoors, and harmful blue light indoors. Transitions make everyday life much simpler, with transitions, you don’t have to remember your sun clip or sunglasses, because they’re built right into the lens. They are great for kids, spending a lot of time outside can be harmful to their eyes, so protecting them with a Transitions lens is a great, and easy option. With a few different lens color options for each different type of Transitions Lens, you can totally personalize your glasses, picking any frame you want, make it your own style!

The Most Popular Transitions

The most popular of the Transitions Lenses are the Signature Gen 8. They protect from UV and harmful blue light, they have the quickest response going between indoors and outdoors, they get darker than ever, and the indoor clarity is better than ever. The Signature Gen 8 Lenses come in all of the style colors, which means that Gen 8 Lens come in seven different colors, gray, brown, graphite green, emerald, sapphire, amethyst, and amber, so you’re sure to find the color that works best for you! Both people who have never worn transitions, and people who have preferred the Transitions Signature Gen 8 lenses over their existing lenses. Many people who wear Transitions lenses never go back and continue to stick with Transitions for years and years. 

Come on in, pick out a frame, and ask your Eyewear Addiction Specialist about Transitions Lenses, and which ones would work best for you. 

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