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Harry Potter Who? A look into some of our Round Frames

Classic Metal Round Frames

If you’re looking for that classic metal round eyeglass we have quite a few options. If you’re looking for something that could almost be an updated replica of Harry Potter’s iconic glasses some great options would be Oliver, Monarch, or Douglas. Maybe you want something a little thinner, and oval-shaped the Glenn frame is the one for you, it’s the same simple metal style, but oval instead of circular. If you love the looking of a round frame, but you want something not so simple, with a little bit of pizzazz we have a few different options for you. The Merton frame is a very interesting frame, the top rim of the frame being clear, and the metal of the frame being a subtle red this is a frame that will look great on a lot of different people. Another option is Glacier with a red frame front, and details on the top corners that add something different to this frame to make it stand out! And last, but certainly not least Neely, which is perfect for people who want more of a statement frame, the purple frame front is a wonderful pop. We have lots of different options for round metal frames, but if you don’t like just plain metal we have a couple more different options for round frames. 

Plastic Round Frames

If you’re not a fan of nose pads, or you want something a little more colorful we have a few different round plastic frames. If you want a classic tortoise the Salina frame is for you, it is timeless from the shape, color, pattern all that. If you want something a little more modern, and nerdy the Covington is the frame for you it comes in two colors, black and purple. We have another tortoise option, it’s called Patricia and it is a darker tortoise than the Salina frame. The Stackman is a grey and black frame, also coming in red the color options give it a modern edge. The last true round option we have is called Cessna and it is the only blue option we have, with a blue and black tortoise on the temples currently making it a very unique frame.

Circular Aviators

If you love aviators, but the teardrop shape just isn’t for you, we have some circular aviators! Harry Potter meets your grandpa giving you two classic looks in one modern frame. Let’s start with the Rockwood frame, the boldest of your three options in this category with a black frame front, this frame in particular combines all three of the categories we’ve talked about today. Webb is similar but clear and silver this frame really makes a statement! And last but certainly not least, Topaz which is a bit more of a modern take on the aviator with only one bar instead of two gives a unique look. 

Don’t be Scared to Try Something New

There is a bit of stigma around round frames, especially since the popularization of Harry Potter. However, it’s good to go out of your comfort zone and try something new. Not all round frames are created equal, and there can be a lot of variety even with the specification of circular frames. There are metal frames, plastic frames, and a mix of both, with different colors and patterns these definitely aren’t Harry Potter’s glasses. Come on by and ask one of our Eyewear Addiction Specialists about our round frames and find the right ones for you!

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