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Have some fun with color! Take a look at some of our most colorful frames!

Sometimes you just get sick and tired of wearing a black or brown frame after the same black or brown frame! What if we told you that it’s okay to spice up your eyewear look with some color! Don’t be afraid of that blue frame you’ve been eyeing for months, or that spicy red sunglass frame that would be perfect for a girl’s day out! We have lots and lots of unique frames with lots of colors, so stop by and ask one of our Eyewear Addiction Specialists about adding some color to your Eyewear wardrobe today!

Reds and Oranges

If you’re looking for something in the warm color category, try a red or orange frame! Here are our top three picks for both red and orange frames. If you want something that truly stands out then take a look at some of our red frames. Put red frames here. The first red frame we have in the lineup, is Depp, a cat-eye-shaped sunglass frame that gives you just the right amount of color! Next is a frame that doesn’t have a name, but it has a code, which is A3002 and it’s a classic rectangular shape frame with some silver accents to it. And last but certainly not least we have Tate, a round metal frame that is just subtle enough to be the right amount of spice for everyday wear.  However, if you prefer something a bit more subtle but not quite brown then try out an orange frame! Put orange frames here! First, we have a frame with the code A17445 which has a clear frame front, but bright orange temples. Next up is a frame with the code YC-21054, which is a lighter orange color with a tortoiseshell accent on the temples and top of the frame front. Lastly, we have a frame called Smerf which is a classic round shape with a burnt orange snakeskin pattern. 


Purples and Pinks

If you want something a bit on the bright side, or just something to match your purple phone case, purples wallet, purple bedspread, purple everything then looks into a pink or purple frame! Embrace your inner Mean Girls and let’s go through our three favorite pink frames! Put pink frames here. Our first pink frame is called Aelita and is a bright bubblegum pink with rose gold metal temples in a fun modern cat-eye shape. Next is a frame with no name, but the code is YC-23090, which is a rose gold frame, with pin accents! It’s quite unique in design with a thin metal design to it with a slight cat-eye shape. Lastly, there is a frame called Bonnie which is a clear pink-tinted frame with rose gold accents on it! Go check out one of these frames and make sure you’ll always be pretty in pink! If you’re more of a purple person then keep reading for a peek at our top three purple frames! Put purple frames here! The first purple frame doesn’t have a name, but the code for it is S1718, and it is a simple rectangular frame with flexible temples, and best of all, it’s in a dusty purple color! Next is Depp, one we already featured in the red paragraph above, but we just love it so much we had to feature it twice! As well as red, Depp also comes in this beautiful light lilac color. Third up is Cali, with rose gold metal accents and a clear lilac frame front Cali is quite a unique frame. 


Blues and Greens

If you have blue eyes and want them to stand out, or you just love the color blue, then we can help! Our top three blue frames are as follows. Our first blue frame is Juliette, a round sunglass frame in a lighter blue color with sparkles in it! The next frame doesn’t have a name but if you’re interested its code is YC-2179, it is plastic and metal, the metal being silver and the plastic a dark navy blue. And lastly, we have Sydney which is a blue, black, and grey tortoiseshell, bringing some fun to the standard tortoiseshell!  Maybe you want a frame on the more unique side, something akin to nature or something that gives you ghostbuster vibes, if that’s you then take a look at our three favorite green frames. Joel and Jude are eyeglasses frames Joel is an oversize square frame, with a yellow color on the bottom of the frame. Jude is a rectangular frame in a dark forest green color, perfect if you just want a subtle dark-colored frame. Belinda is a bit different, for starters, it’s a sunglass frame, and second, it has a very 70’s inspired oversized feel to it! If you want a sunglass that’s just as unique as you are Belinda is for you! 


Honorable Mentions

Maybe you’re looking for a different color frame than what we’ve already talked about, or you want a frame that’s multicolored! Here are our top three honorable mentions for our colorful frames! Honorable mentions here! If you’re looking for something in between blue and green then try out a frame that doesn’t have a name, but the frame code is DR20127 it is a teal and grey tortoiseshell color! Second, we have a frame called Styles which has a pastel green frame front, and blush-colored temples, if you want something colorful, but subtle. And last but definitely not least we have Sunflower which is our first yellow frame coming in a round shape that makes it quite a universal frame! 

So if you’re looking to add some color to your eyewear wardrobe then stop by one of our Eyewear Junkie locations and take a look at one of the frames we’ve listed here!

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