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The Eyewear Junkie Membership

Do you love having new eyewear all the time? Us too! It’s fun to switch up your style and try new things, one way of doing so is new glasses and sunglasses, but getting new styles all the time can add up. That is why we came up with the Eyewear Junkie Membership program. For just one yearly payment, you get a discount on everything we sell, along with updates, and the latest deals! Keep reading if you want to know more about the Eyewear Junkie Membership!

What is the Eyewear Junkie Membership?

Different from our Eyewear Junkie Subscription Program, the Eyewear Junkie Membership program is another way to help you, our customers, save money on new eyewear to feed your eyewear addiction. One thing we always keep close in mind is that we want to bring you the most affordable quality eyewear we can. With lots of different frame styles, lenses and add-on options there is something for everyone from us! With the Eyewear Junkie Membership program, you get 20% off every purchase at Eyewear Junkie, no matter what you buy, for a whole year! That’s prescription glasses, sunglasses, and all eyewear accessories we sell in-store. 

How much does the Eyewear Junkie Membership cost?

For only $25 a year you can get 20% off every purchase at any of our Eyewear Junkie locations. Your membership automatically renews on the anniversary of your sign-up date, and although you can cancel anytime, once it renews, you still have that 20% off for the rest of the year. You can not transfer your membership discount to any friends or family members, but you can recommend they sign up for the membership! With something to feed everyone’s eyewear addiction, no matter if you’re looking for prescription or non-prescription eyewear we have something for you! When you’re in one of our stores speaking with an Eyewear Addiction Specialist, ask them about the Eyewear Junkie Membership to see if it’s right for you!

What do you get with the Eyewear Junkie Membership?

With the Eyewear Junkie Membership program, you get 20% off every purchase at any Eyewear Junkie location, updates on all of our new releases, information on all of the latest deals going on in-store, and you receive the official Eyewear Junkie Newsletter. With updates on all of our new styles, you can keep your eyewear up to date with the latest trends, while feeding your eyewear addiction. The membership also makes gift-giving much easier with 20% off every purchase. Getting your mom a nice pair of sunglasses, or your dad those readers that he’s been needing for years is as simple as just stopping by one of our three locations!

Although much different from the Eyewear Junkie Subscription Program, the Eyewear Junkie Membership has just as many perks! I mean 20% off for a whole year, for just $25, if you love eyeglasses, this is the program for you. We are always getting new products and styles in, so those updates are rather handy! Stop in and ask one of our Eyewear Addiction Specialists if the Eyewear Junkie Membership is the best way to feed your eyewear addiction. 

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