Blue Light Protection at Eyewear Junkie02-27-2021

We have all heard of harmful blue light by now, most of our phones even come with a blue light filter you can turn on to protect your eyes. We are all on screens now more than ever, working from home, online learning, watching a ridiculous amount of Netflix, and spending hours upon hours gaming, we are all exposed to blue light one way or another every single day.

The Effect Blue Light has on You

Do you ever notice headaches, or tired eyes after a full day of work, school, or building an entire village on Minecraft? This is called digital eye strain, it happens when you're exposed to a fair amount of blue light, for an extended period of time, and we imagine it’s been happening to just about everyone in the past year. There is a way to help prevent this from happening, getting blue light glasses! There is lens technology that offers us the option to put blue light blocking technology right in the lens of your glasses.

Blue Light Affects the Kiddos too!

Kids and teenagers all over the world are now spending more time than ever before on their devices, because not only are their hobbies, such as video games, watching TV, and spending countless hours Tiktok, on screens but so is school. Protecting their eyes with blue-light-blocking glasses is a great choice for many kids. We can put blue light blocking on just about any lens, even in kid’s frames. Blue-light-blocking glasses may even help kids focus better on school, and improve their sleep schedule.

High Energy Visible Light

Contrary to popular belief not all blue light is harmful to your eyes. High energy visible light (HEV) is used as a therapy to improve lots of different things like cognitive function, and seasonal depression. It can even regulate your sleep schedule. Speaking of your sleep schedule, too much blue light can lead to reduced amounts of melatonin production, which can make it pretty hard to sleep. Blue light is found in lots of different things, our phones, computers, TVs, fluorescent lights, and LED lights. 

Blue light blocking technology isn’t just for those of us who have prescription glasses, you can buy any pair of frames, and get blue light blocking lens technology in a lens with no prescription. The perfect solution for people who don’t need prescription glasses, or prefer to wear contacts! Just come in and see us pick out a frame with one of our eyewear addiction specialists, and tell them you want blue light blockers in your glasses. 

Always Use Protection

Protecting your eyes from the blue light in these everyday items is important, and that's why at Eyewear Junkie we offer two types of Blue light protection. We offer our standard blue light coating, which is a coating on the lens of your glasses that block blue light and is an additional charge of $29, and we have our premium upgrade of a blue light filter, which is blue light blocking technology within the lens, which is $60. With the advanced technology of both of these options, you can barely tell that your lenses have blue light blocking in them, which most people find ideal. 

Here at Eyewear Junkie, we want to fulfill your need for stylish affordable eyewear, but we also want to make sure your eyes stay healthy. Stop in and see one of our Eyewear Addiction Specialists today to find you the right pair of glasses, with blue light blockers to give your eyes a bit of extra protection.