Eyewear Junkie Color Story00-11-2018

Eyewear Junkie is a store that strips away the brand names and focuses just on the customer and their eyewear. Eyewear Junkie has been able to keep the high fashion designs without the high price tag that typically follows. Eyewear Junkie strives to be the trendsetter in how eyewear is purchased and perceived. We want to shake up the industry and disrupt it with our color and our story. We have adopted a color story that helps describe what Eyewear Junkie stands for. There are four main colors to our story, let's dive in!

Orange is the color of change. Eyewear Junkie is the disruptor. The innovator. The catalyst that fuels a person’s desire to have more than one look. We even invented a subscription model, to save you more money. We want to create a change in your eyewear and how people think about glasses. We want to create a new way of thinking when it comes to picking out your eyewear and making new options for multiple pairs.

Blue is the color of trust, responsibility, honesty, and loyalty. Our new simple and transparent pricing makes it super easy to shop with us. We put our prices up on the wall and money back in your pocket. We show our deck at all times so you know exactly what you are getting and what we provide. No smoke or magic tricks!

Purple is the color of creativity. 1 pair…2 pair…3 pair…It is helping you find the right look. Opinions matter. Compliments flatter. We’ll give you our opinions and you can keep all the compliments. Our eyewear addiction specialists will assist in helping you pick out the perfect eyewear for every look.

Green is the color of LIFE and ENERGY. We are committed to the ban of boring glasses and bland, lifeless, old frames. There is no faster way to change your appearance than with great eyewear. This is also where our subscription program can come in handy. There is no faster way to change your appearance than with multiple pairs of great eyewear! Instead of the same old eyewear everyday mix it up to match your style or mood for the day or evening.

At Eyewear Junkie, it’s always okay to admit you love options. We do, too. That’s why we carry affordable prescription eyewear and hot sunglasses in stock and online. Come by any location to experience the Eyewear Junkie way of purchasing new eyewear. Our color story is shown throughout our store and we pride ourselves on being different in the change of the eyewear world.